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Maps – to show the exact photography location I use a map with the locality of finding. Most of my images will be gradually completed by a map. You will see it also in reports where all the items of the report simultaneously display. More nearby points are clustered and the figure shows a number of photos in a given location. The approach of the map allows you to see the points in detail. At the end of the closer you´ll get to the specific pictures. You can also switch the map to the classic map „Mapa“ or hybrid „Hybridni“.
The link „World“ shows a world map which contains 6 000 points together. So you can find a place of your interest and see the photos I took there.



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Ladislav Černý

I think, this is Hycleus argentifer bytinskii because it has red coloured clypeus.

Ladislav Černý

I sorry, this is argentifer argentifer, bytinskii is on another phoro!!!

Ladislav Černý

I think, it is Hycleus argentifer bytinskii kaszab, 1969, because it has red couloured clypeus.

Ladislav Černý

It is Hycleus schoenherri (Billberg, 1813).

Ladislav Černý

This is not this species because Mylabris subbrevicornis is very different from this one. It is Mylabris cf. sculptilis and probably belongs to the new species.

Jan Máca

Xanthogramma cf. pedisequum


Piesocorynus aspis (Erichson, 1847)


Hylotribus asperatus (Blanchard, 1851)


Hylotribus lineola (Philippi & Philippi, 1864)