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Cynips quercusfolii Linnaeus, 1758

Determined: Kamil Holý

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KeywordsCynips quercusfolii, Cynipidae, Hymenoptera, hálka, gall
LocalitySlovakia, Mikulášov 28.8.2008
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  • gall
  • = Diplolepis quercusfolii

Kamil Holý

7.10.2010 11:02:08

Cynips quercusfolii


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Chudo Judo

Hello. How to distinguish Sciapteryx consobrina from S. costalis?

David Navrátil

Herophila fairmairei (Thomson, 1857)


Podívejte se na Meloidae Namibie Bologna.2018 Měl by to být Hycleus brinski Kaszab 1956. Také jsem ho měl zařazený u rodu Ceroctis.

Gabriele Franzini

Clanoptilus geniculatus, male.

Petr Hesoun

Neurothemis fluctuans

Petr Hesoun

Aeshna cyanea-F

Petr Jansa

Larinus cf.humeralis Petri,1907

Petr Jansa

Larinus nanus Lucas,1847

Lukáš Sekerka

Eumolpinae sp.

Martijn Van Roie

This is most possibly a variation of Kuschelina mathematica (Harold 1881)