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Listera ovata (L.) R. Br.

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FilenameBradacek vejcity 013.jpg
KeywordsListera ovata, Orchidaceae
LocalityCzech republic, Kuřim 26.6.2001
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/18797/?s=1
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  • Common Twayblade
  • = Epipactis ovata Crantz
  • = Helleborine ovata F.W. Schmidt
  • = Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerh.
  • = Ophrys ovata L.
  • = Eggleaf Twayblade

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Arp Kruithof

Hi Stanislav, yesterday I found very similar larvae/pupae and was looking in the Bibionidae myself, but couldn\'t find a match (except for your image here), so I asked on diptera.info. Tony Irwin identified mine as <i>Forcipomyia</i> (Ceratopogonidae), so I\'m sure yours must be that also. See: https://diptera.info/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=99869 Cheers, Arp


This is Trox niger.

Marc M

This is a specimen of Trox sabulosus, not T. hispidus.

Jan Máca

Čeleď Menoponidae to asi je. Zlotorzycka (1980) uvádí 4 druhy té čeledi parazitující na pávech, M. gallinae mezi nimi není.


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