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Cynips quercusfolii Linnaeus, 1758

Determined: Kamil Holý

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KeywordsCynips quercusfolii, Cynipidae, Hymenoptera, hálka, gall
LocalityCzech republic, Pouzdřany Pouzdřanská step, 21.8.2010
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/26261/?s=1
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  • gall
  • = Diplolepis quercusfolii

Kamil Holý

27.4.2011 17:46:26

Cynips quercusfolii


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Gabriele Franzini

Clanoptilus geniculatus, male.

Petr Hesoun

Neurothemis fluctuans

Petr Hesoun

Aeshna cyanea-F

Petr Jansa

Larinus cf.humeralis Petri,1907

Petr Jansa

Larinus nanus Lucas,1847

Lukáš Sekerka

Eumolpinae sp.

Martijn Van Roie

This is most possibly a variation of Kuschelina mathematica (Harold 1881)

Martijn Van Roie

To me this looks like a typical specimen of Kuschelina bergi (Harold, 1881).

Jan Máca

Aspoň upřesnění: Cixiidae

Jan Máca