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Sycophila biguttata (Swederus, 1795)

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KeywordsSycophila biguttata, Eurytomidae, Hymenoptera
LocalitySlovakia, Štúrovo 2.4.2011, ex gall, ex Quercus, Hegy Farok
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/26300/?s=1
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V. Zeman

Silvanus unidentatus

Vladimír Zeman

Silvanus unidentatus

V. Zeman

Silvanus unidentatus...

Jan Máca

Bombylius discolor

Oldrich Nedved



Carabus(Archicarabus) victor wiedemanni n.burgassiensis

Jim McClarin

Yes, that is surely Mastinocerinae. I don\'t know the genera well.

Standa Krejčík

Není, je to Pelopones. Prý se to bude popisovat :-)

Jaroslav Bednář

Jestli je to z Kréty, je to Pseudosphegestes bergeri, Sláma 1982 - endemit Kréty

Jan Pražák

taktéž oprava na Margarinotus sp.