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Meliponini sp.

Determined: Jakub Straka

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KeywordsMeliponini, Apidae, Hymenoptera, hnízdo, nest
LocalityMalaysia, Tanah Rata 17.1.2012
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/29570/?s=1
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Jakub Straka

4.5.2012 22:49:18

opět včely tribu Meliponini


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Patrik Mlčoch

starší plodnice voskovky kuželovité

Patrik Mlčoch

Voskovka kuželovitá

Patrik Mlčoch

Pavučinec, cortinarius sp.

Rik Harris

This picture does not look like Anisodactylus.... Harpalus?

David Frank

cf. Bilyaxia (Tomasia) maculicollis (Kerremans, 1887)

David Frank

cf. Bilyaxia (Tomasia) maculicollis (Kerremans, 1887)

Heather Proctor

It is a parasitic larval mite from the cohort Parasitengona (= Parasitengonina), most likely from the family Erythraeidae.

Rob Westerduijn

Neolochmaea sp (Chrysomelidae; Galerucinae)

Rob Westerduijn

Colaspis sp (Chrysomelidae; Eumolpinae)

V. Zeman

Omoglymmius germari