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I chose some interesting tags and put them on the title page (you can find it under a link „Interesting tags“).



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Ladislav Černý

I think, this is Hycleus argentifer bytinskii because it has red coloured clypeus.

Ladislav Černý

I sorry, this is argentifer argentifer, bytinskii is on another phoro!!!

Ladislav Černý

I think, it is Hycleus argentifer bytinskii kaszab, 1969, because it has red couloured clypeus.

Ladislav Černý

It is Hycleus schoenherri (Billberg, 1813).

Ladislav Černý

This is not this species because Mylabris subbrevicornis is very different from this one. It is Mylabris cf. sculptilis and probably belongs to the new species.

Jan Máca

Xanthogramma cf. pedisequum


Piesocorynus aspis (Erichson, 1847)


Hylotribus asperatus (Blanchard, 1851)


Hylotribus lineola (Philippi & Philippi, 1864)