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cf. Nicandra physalodes (L.) P. Gaertn.

Determined: Jan Máca

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FilenameGran Canaria 0744.jpg
KeywordsNicandra physalodes, Solanaceae
LocalityCanary Islands, Gran Canaria, Puerto de Mogán 18.1.2006
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/18410/
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  • Apple-of-peru
  • = Atropa physalodes L.
  • = Nicandra physaloides (L.) P. Gaertn.
  • = Physalodes physalodes (L.) Britt.
  • = Apple of Peru
  • = Broadleaf Nightshade
  • = Wild Hops

Jan Máca

3.2.2017 05:55:18

Nicandra physaloides?


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Jan Máca

\"Václavky\" - dřív patřily do rodu Aster, teď Symphyotrichum.

Olivier B

Hello, It\'s probably Neoathyreus excavatus, need to see edeageous. Best regards Olivier http://museum.unl.edu/research/entomology/workers/OBoilly.htm