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Globularia bisnagarica L.

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KeywordsGlobularia bisnagarica, Globulariaceae
LocalityCzech republic, Perná 23.4.2011, Pálava
URL http://www.meloidae.com/en/pictures/27740/?s=1
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  • Common Globularia
  • = Globularia aphyllanthes Crantz
  • = Globularia elongata Hegetschw.
  • = Globularia punctata Lapeyr.
  • = Globularia willkommii Nyman
  • = Common ball flower

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Rik Harris

This picture does not look like Anisodactylus.... Harpalus?

David Frank

cf. Bilyaxia (Tomasia) maculicollis (Kerremans, 1887)

David Frank

cf. Bilyaxia (Tomasia) maculicollis (Kerremans, 1887)

Heather Proctor

It is a parasitic larval mite from the cohort Parasitengona (= Parasitengonina), most likely from the family Erythraeidae.

Rob Westerduijn

Neolochmaea sp (Chrysomelidae; Galerucinae)

Rob Westerduijn

Colaspis sp (Chrysomelidae; Eumolpinae)

V. Zeman

Omoglymmius germari

Jiří Beneš

Glaucopsyche alexis

Jiří Beneš

Polyommatus icarus

Jiří Beneš

Melitaea athalia